The 5 Secrets My Clients Have Used to Attract An Incredible Man Who Adores Them Forever

(even when none of their past relationships worked!)

7:00 AM Pacific • 9:00 AM Central • 10:00 AM Eastern

In this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The strategy our clients have used to go from lonely, rejected, and hopeless... to being pursued by the man of their dreams (and then in love and engaged to be married)...
  • The provocative, raw, honest truth from a guy (my guy!) about what men are thinking, what they really mean, what they're dying to hear, and how you can choose the best one, capture his heart, and make him beg to be yours.
  • Why going on tons of dates is the exact WRONG approach to take... and the better plan that attracts the guy who is perfect for you…
  • The secret to raising your standards even higher (even if you worried you were being too picky)... and exactly how to make the most extraordinary man adore you...
  • How our clients take the vision of their dream guy and future life with him from their journal to real life experience within weeks...
  • How to tell the difference between a woman who settles in relationships and her life, and one that truly goes for what is best for her and the world around her...
  • AND... how to do all of this in the most enjoyable, natural way—being 100% YOU—so that you're admired, adored, and loved for who you are, even if you've never known what that feels like...

Katie VanBuskirk, Ph.D.

Katie VanBuskirk is an expert coach on dating, relationships, and love, having earned her Ph.D. in psychology after studying and working at top institutions such as Oxford and Yale.

She teaches powerful, dynamic women in their 50s how to become just as successful in love as they are in their careers.

“Katie, your coaching changed my life! My man is better than I’d even dreamed, and we’re so excited about our future. Thank you so much.” - Sarolta

If your life is amazing and you know you're a catch but you haven't met your perfect partner yet, we should talk.

7:00 AM Pacific • 9:00 AM Central • 10:00 AM Eastern