No Cost Training Session

“Attracting a Loving Relationship in the Modern Day”

Learn simple shifts that make dating more enjoyable and effective.
Presented by: Katie VanBuskirk, Ph.D. and Ryan Walsh, Founders of


  • A feel-good approach for attracting love, which doesn’t require makeovers, dieting, stressing in front of the mirror, speed dating, matchmaking, or going on a million dates.
  • How to avoid the most common dating pitfalls, drama, and disappointment and instead feel increasingly lighter and easier and more allowing of serendipity.
  • Love stories shared by our clients who went from feeling frustrated and nearly giving up on love... to being pursued by wonderful matches and choosing their favorite.
100% No Cost

Our business model is simple:

We advertise first-rate training such as this masterclass, which anyone can attend without any payment.

We want there to be so much more love in the world, so our goal is for our complimentary training to be as helpful as possible. We hold nothing back.

There will also be an offer available after the training because we know that some might appreciate extra hand-holding and guidance.

Of course, we love hearing success stories of people using the lessons WITHOUT extra help. The offer is completely optional and is only for those who like additional support.

Enjoy! Love, Katie and Ryan