“I’m Looking For A Few More Dream Clients...”

If that’s you, I will personally guide you so that soon the right kind of men are courting you, you’re enjoying the dates you’re going on, and—before you know it—you’re in the best relationship of your life!

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Princeton, Yale, etc

After “cracking the code” of modern dating and helping hundreds of women attract love...

Our clients have mastered:

  1. how to get the RIGHT kind of men to reach out,
  2. the best ways to respond,
  3. how to efficiently learn whether a man is truly compatible with you (without wasting any time),
  4. how to navigate the delicate conversations (there are so many kinds!) so that you don’t turn a great match away,
  5. and how to ensure your relationship strengthens and gets more passionate year after year so your life is (as we like to call it) a Never-ending Honeymoon Phase and your partner truly knows you, appreciates you, adores you, and has your back.

I’m Looking For A Few More Of My Dream Clients Who Are Ready For A Loving Relationship

I’m looking for my next 3 clients to personally mentor over the coming months so they can quickly attract high quality men, enjoy being courted by their favorite one, and develop a relationship that gets better and better forever.

If you know you’re a catch but have been frustrated by how hard dating is nowadays, and you’re sick of wasting your time and energy on dead ends, click the button below and fill out our application and book a call so we can determine if my program is a good fit for you.

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"I wished and prayed for him, and he’s here and even better"
"He and I are really excited and I’m super happy"
"He’s so wonderful for me"
"I have a great relationship"
"He’s so cute!"
"Best relationship either of us has ever had"
"He’s even better than I’d written on my vision board"
"He and I have had a blast! It’s so exciting..."
"I use what I learned from you EVERY day"
"I’m super excited about my man and what’s ahead for the two of us"
"He’s making me dinner tonight"
"My relationship has progressed the way I wanted it to"
"I feel like I'm going to be married in 2 years"
"It was synchronicity, just the right timing"
"Best investment I've made in myself"

About Ryan

Ryan Walsh and Katie VanBuskirk, Ph.D.

Founders of Soulmate Strategy™ Ryan Walsh and his soulmate Katie VanBuskirk, Ph.D. have helped hundreds of women attract love.

In addition to their educations from Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Vassar, and other top schools, Ryan and Katie have thousands of hours of real-world experience helping countless women over the years.

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